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The primary role of Tubular Optimization Services (TOS) is to ensure the invested Tubular interests of Oil Companies are independently represented. Our field representatives are trained in acceptance of product, transportation, field assembly and storage. TOS will ensure all quality control facets from the mill to assembly of your product at the well site are accomplished safely and cost effectively. Enhanced quality control procedures and global networking enables us to provide our customers with superior products, superior services, and measurable cost savings.

How much money have we saved our customers regarding the purchase of Casing and Tubing products and their associated field running services? To date we are proud to announce a traceable $9 million dollars of savings.


TheTOS management team possesses over 33 years of experience in the running of Premium and API connections. Manufacturer’s tubular procedures are utilized as a standard, tubular longevity and connection integrity is further enhanced with Tubular Optimization Services proprietary make up procedures. Our exclusive TOS tracking system captures customer savings from tubular purchase, threading, transportation, and field assembly.


Trained by Premium connection companies and our management staff whom possesses over 33 years of domestic, international on shore and off shore Casing and Tubing experience, we understand “Connection Make Up” and all of it’s associated tubular services. Employee’s experience include the purchase, storage, transportation and running of Casing and Tubing. Field service technicians are trained in the application of connection supervision, power tongs, computer torque monitoring, electronic dump valves, pick up and lay down machines, handling equipment and internal and external pressure testing.

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How do we maintain consistency and a quality operating system that exceeds the industry standard?

Management ensures that our employees are continuously challenged in the areas of safety awareness, classroom technical training and testing, metallurgy lectures, field assessment, driving assessment, post job customer follow up calls and semi annual employee reviews.





Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our office and field standards always exceed the industry average.
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